About Us
At Leena, we believe in the transformative power of culturally sensitive mental health care. Founded by Psychotherapist, Sarah Ahmed (@the.poc.therapist) and supported by experienced psychotherapists who recognized the need for inclusive support, Leena is a sanctuary for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Our mission is to break down barriers, reduce stigma, and illuminate the path to mental well-being within BIPOC communities. Discover a team of dedicated therapists, rooted in compassion and cultural understanding, ready to guide you through your journey toward healing and resilience.

The Faces of Leena

As the largest BIPOC focused mental health platform in Canada, our therapist are hand-picked to best serve you and your diverse needs. We pride ourselves on our "fit me guarantee"-offering you a free consultation to ensure your therapist is the right choice for your needs. Whether you use our online matching tool, or connect with one of our care coordinators, we'll make sure you find the right fit to help you meet your goals.
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If you are in crisis please call 911 or Canada Suicide Prevention Service (1-833-456-4566) or Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) or go to your local hospital emergency room.